Argyle Municipality’s

Protestant Churches


My archival research confirms that Yarmouth County has had more Protestant churches than I could ever shake a stick at. Here are photographs of some that served congregations in the Municipality of the District of Argyle.

References and Notes

    [1] For more information about heritage buildings in the Municipality of the District of Argyle (resp., Yarmouth), please consult the heritage property inventory site forms at the Argyle Township Court House Archives (resp., Yarmouth County Museum and Archives).

    [2] Don R. Pothier, History of Tusket, Nova Scotia. Argyle Municipality Historical and Genealogical Society, Tusket, Nova Scotia, 2010. xvi+397 pp.

    [3] Information about some registered heritage properties is available online: St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Tusket Methodist Church, South Canaan Free Baptist Church, Gavelton Baptist Meeting House, Argyle Calvinist Baptist Church.

    [4] In the Halifax Chronicle Herald’s “Churches by the Sea” columns, M. Allen Gibson wrote about the South Canaan Free Baptist Church, Gavelton Primitive Baptist Church (26 Mar 1983), Pleasant Lake United Baptist Church (5 Oct 1983), Glenwood United Baptist Church, and Lower Argyle United Baptist Church.

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    [6] I thank archivists Lisette Gaudet, of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (YCMA), and Peter Crowell, of the Argyle Township Court House Archives (ATCHA), for providing access to photographs and archival material about Yarmouth County’s rural Protestant churches. All photographs labeled YCMA or ATCHA are copyrighted; please contact the appropriate Archives if you wish to obtain copies.

William Day (1 August 2016)