Kempt Corner: 1895–1910


This album is the first of two that feature photographs taken by the brothers Willis Leslie Sabean and Major Andre Sabean in the Kemptville area of Yarmouth County during the years 1895–1910. The photographs below are of Kempt Corner, the social and geographical centre of the village of Kemptville; the album next month will feature the inhabitants of Kemptville.

Willis, the older Sabean brother, died in 1898 at age twenty-one, having taken photographs for about three years. Major, who was nineteen when Willis died, took photographs for about twelve years more until 1910. In the early 1930s Major moved to Arcadia, Yarmouth County, where he lived until his death in 1960. His house in Arcadia was occupied by his housekeeper until 1974 when Mr. and Mrs. Ross Whitman purchased it. In the attic of their new house the Whitmans found the camera that had been used by the Sabean brothers and 439 of their glass plate negatives. In 2001 Ross Whitman donated the camera and the negatives to the Argyle Township Court House and Archives. [1]

References and Notes

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    [4] I thank archivist Peter Crowell, of the Argyle Township Court House and Archives (ATCHA), for providing access to photographs by, and archival material concerning, the photographers Willis L. Sabean and Major A. Sabean of Kemptville. All photographs labeled ATCHA are copyrighted; please contact the Archives if you wish to acquire copies.

William Day (1 September 2015)