Kemptville’s Inhabitants: 1895–1910


These photographs were taken by the brothers Willis L. Sabean and Major A. Sabean in the Kemptville area of Yarmouth County during the years 1895–1910. They are of family, neighbours, friends, and pets. They include status symbols, e.g., bicycles, horses, oxen. They record social activities, e.g., parades, picnics, ice skating parties. They show people hunting, logging, or working at the gold mines. Most of them were taken out of doors; only two portraits, against plain backdrops, might have been interior shots. There is a naturalness and informality to these photographs that I hope you will enjoy.

References and Notes

    [1] Ethel A. (Reeves) Randall, “‘Kemptville. Data and Datum.’ An Historical Sketch.” The Argus 19(4), pp. 37–48, Winter 2007.

    [2] I thank archivist Peter Crowell, of the Argyle Township Court House and Archives (ATCHA), for providing access to photographs by, and archival material concerning, the photographers Willis L. and Major A. Sabean of Kemptville. All photographs labeled ATCHA are copyrighted; please contact the Archives if you wish to acquire copies.

William Day (1 October 2015)