Milton, or Yarmouth North


Imagine you are standing on the top of the Milton dam – a risky business – at the centre of a circle with radius about 650 metres. The area so enclosed is approximately bounded to the north by Prospect Street, to the south by Starrs Road, to the east by Pleasant Street, and to the west by the Overton Road (Route 304) and its imaginary extension to Alder Cove on Lake Milo. Since 1761 this land has been occupied by the community of Milton, also called Yarmouth North.

The images in this album are taken from Wilfred Allan’s fine collection of postcards and photographs of Yarmouth County. They depict scenes in the community of Milton primarily during the early years of the twentieth century. I thank Wilfred for permission to show these images. Where available I give cancellation or estimated dates in the captions.

Bill Day (1 April 2012)