Original Grand Hotel


In 1894 the original Grand Hotel opened on the east side of Yarmouth’s Main Street, just northeast of what today is called Frost Park. In 1902 J. Murray Lawson still could hardly contain his excitement when recalling what had happened. The Grand Hotel, he said,

  1. “was opened on the 2d July, 1894. A reception and ball were given by the Directors at its formal opening on the evening of the 19th July, which was an unqualified success, and was, without doubt, the most brilliant social event of its character ever attempted in Yarmouth. Upwards of 400 guests were present, including many strangers from different parts of the United States; also from Halifax, St. John, Windsor, Kentville and other provincial towns. The Hotel was looking its best, being most beautifully and tastefully decorated with a profusion of flowers and shrubbery. Under the radiant electric lights the scene was enchanting. From that date this fine Hotel has held its position as one of the leading and most interesting institutions of the Province, and sustains its reputation as being second to none of its class in Canada.” [J. Murray Lawson, Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences, 1902, p. 609]

This photo album contains fifteen postcards from Wilfred Allan’s collection and five photographs from the archives of the Yarmouth County Museum, 22 Collins Street, Yarmouth. I thank Wilfred Allan, for permitting me to display his postcards; I give cancellation dates (if legible) in the captions of postcards that were actually mailed. I thank Jamie Serran, the Museum’s archivist, for providing access to the photographs.

Bill Day (15 September 2011)