The Art of Sarah Bond Farish Moody


In the autumn of 2015 I became interested in the art of Sarah Bond Farish Moody, who is perhaps best known for her depictions of Yarmouth Township in 1829 [1, p. 611]. This album shows slides I used in a presentation [2] of her Yarmouth landscapes, along with sketches she made while traveling in 1843.

References and Notes

    [1] J. Murray Lawson, Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences. Yarmouth Herald Office, Yarmouth, NS, 1902. 681 pp.

    [2] Click here for a 62 MB pdf file of the complete presentation.

    [3] Judy Buckley, Jim Lawrason, and John Moody, Journal of Sarah Bond Farish Moody, 1843. Privately published, 2012. x+228 pp. A copy of this book, as well as the original travel journal, are now in the collections of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives.

    [4] I thank director Nadine Gates and archivist Lisette Gaudet, both of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (YCMA), for providing access to the art of, and archival material about, Sarah Bond Farish Moody. All photos labeled YCMA are copyrighted; please contact the Archives if you wish to obtain copies. I thank David Sollows for providing images 11 and 12.

William Day (1 November 2016)