Victoria Park, Yarmouth, NS


In 1887 the trustees of the Town of Yarmouth’s earliest public burial ground decided to develop that site, which was no longer being used, into a park to be named in honour of Queen Victoria. They installed a central fountain, with walkways emanating from it, and planted trees throughout. In 1893 an act of the Provincial Legislature transferred ownership of the former burial grounds, and Victoria Park, to the Town of Yarmouth. Victoria Park continued to exist for another sixty-five years until the Town renamed it in honour of a Yarmouth native son who had achieved fame and glory in Canada’s financial world.

This photo album contains eleven postcards from Wilfred Allan’s collection and five photographs from the archives of the Yarmouth County Museum, 22 Collins Street, Yarmouth. I thank Wilfred Allan for permitting me to display his postcards; I give cancellation dates (if legible) in the captions of postcards that were actually mailed. I thank Jamie Serran, the Museum’s archivist, for providing access to the photographs and to the 1787 Land Grant Map of the Township of Yarmouth.

Bill Day (15 November 2011)