Visualizing Swain’s Yarmouth Scenery


Llewellyn G. Swain was a Yarmouth, N.S., photographer who practiced in the trade from 1866 until his death in 1894. After purchasing a stereoscopic camera ca. 1870, Swain eventually offered for sale a series of stereoscopic views of “Yarmouth, N. S., Scenery.” On the back of each stereoscopic card was a list of the titles of the 54 views in the series (see the first image below).

Although the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives has only a few of Swain’s stereoscopic cards, it does have a fine collection of Swain’s non-stereoscopic photographs, which I have used instead. From the titles of Swain’s stereoscopic views I selected twenty for which non-stereoscopic photographs of Swain’s exist, and I am pleased to present below a representative selection of those non-stereoscopic photographs.

References and Notes

    [1] I thank archivist Lisette Gaudet, of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, for providing access to the archival material concerning L. G. Swain. All photographs labeled Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (YCMA) are copyrighted. Please contact the Archives if you would like to acquire a photo.

William Day (1 January 2015)