Yarmouth Line to Boston


In May 1885 L. E. Baker established the Yarmouth Line after purchasing the Clements wharf and the SS Dominion from the Nova Scotia Steamship Company. Previously, in November 1884, Baker and Captain Harvey Doane had bought the SS City of Saint John; subsequently Baker acquired the SS Alpha in January 1886. With these steamers the Yarmouth Line offered passenger and freight services from Yarmouth to Halifax, Boston, and Saint John. When in February 1887 Baker organized the Yarmouth Steamship Company, not only did it begin to operate the Yarmouth Line but it raised capital to purchase for the Boston service the SS Yarmouth, which began operation in May 1887, and the SS Boston, which began in September 1890.

The photographs in this album feature the Yarmouth Line’s service between Yarmouth and Boston as provided by the steamers Yarmouth and Boston. I am indebted to Wilfred Allan, for providing access to a Yarmouth Line timetable, and to Jamie Serran of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, for providing access to the remaining images.

William Day (1 June 2013)