Yarmouth Township Land Grant


One of the two original or early Yarmouth Township land grant maps is at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives: the 1806 copy of the Land Grant Map of the Township of Yarmouth (dated 23 March 1787). The map depicts the plots of land used in Samuel Goldsbury’s Plan of Division of Yarmouth Township.

In April 2011 I took five photographs (below) of this map’s coastline from the Yarmouth-Digby county line south to Pinkney’s Point, which is also the coastline of today’s Municipality of the District of Yarmouth. The first two photographs show the land lots in the vicinity of what is now the unpaved section of the Main Shore Road between Short Beach and Port Maitland. For information about the grantees of these lots according to Goldsbury’s Plan of Division please see “Yarmouth Township Land Grants.”

The quality of the photographs is poor because the map’s plexiglass covering reflects light from the camera’s flash and other sources. In every photograph

North points to the left margin, West to the bottom.

I thank Jamie Serran, the Yarmouth County Museum’s Archivist, for giving me access to the land grant map and for allowing me to photograph it.

Bill Day (15 May 2011)