Yarmouth’s Roman Catholic Churches


This album features Yarmouth’s first Roman Catholic church, called All Saints, and its successor, called St. Ambrose. Originally Yarmouth’s small Roman Catholic congregation worshipped in the houses of Edmond Lonergan and D. McDevitt; but Mr. Lonergan purchased a workshop, on Barnard Street, which was converted into a temporary church and used as such until 1846. The workshop lot was then purchased from Mr. Lonergan, in November 1846, and All Saints Church was erected on it. In July 1889 the congregation began to build the larger St. Ambrose Church, on Albert Street, and after opening services were held in the new church’s basement on Christmas eve, 1889, the old church on Barnard Street was abandoned. [1, pp. 528–529, 538]

References and Notes

    [1] J. Murray Lawson, Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences. Yarmouth Herald, Yarmouth NS, 1902. 681 pp.

    [2] I thank Wilfred Allan, for permitting me to display digital images of his postcards, and Jamie Serran, Archivist at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, for providing access to other images.

William Day (1 July 2013)