Yarmouth’s Public Schools


In Yarmouth Past and Present [1, p. 637] we learn that

At the time Yarmouth was thriving. By 1900 it had five public schools: one each in the Milton, South End, and Salem districts, and two in the Centre district. By 1911 Yarmouth’s population had increased to 6,600, a number essentially the same as its population in 2011 of 6,671.

This album contains photographs of Yarmouth’s schools in the last half of the nineteenth century––and views of Yarmouth that were taken from the cupolas of the schools.

References and Notes

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    [3] I thank archivist Lisette Gaudet, of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, for providing access to the archival material concerning Yarmouth’s public schools. All photographs labeled Yarmouth County Museum and Archives (YCMA) are copyrighted. Please contact the Archives if you wish to acquire a photo.

    [4] I thank Wilfred Allan for permitting me to display digital images of his postcards.

William Day (1 July 2015)