Yarmouth History:

Albums and Essays by W. Day



I am a resident of Port Maitland, a small hamlet in Yarmouth County on the southwest coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Although I have no historical training, I am interested in the history of the region in which I live, and so I have spent many hours studying historical records and artifacts at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. When discussing such materials, my sympathies lie with those who believe

  1. “... that, so far as possible, the documents of the past must be allowed to speak for themselves, to convey meanings and emotions and stories on their own.” [1, p. xvii]

This website, which was created in March 2011, contains collections of photographs (Albums) and historical essays (LocalHistory). The focus is on events occurring in the Yarmouth area in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but occasionally I find myself distracted by other aspects of North American history.

If you have suggestions or criticisms, please send them to me, William Day.

References and Notes

    [1] Geoffrey C. Ward with Ric Burns and Ken Burns, The Civil War: An Illustrated History. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1991. xxii+426 pp.